Firm Overview


Captive Legal Advisors PLC focuses its expertise on representing captive insurance companies, their owners, and other users of alternative risk transfer mechanisms.  The firm provides a full range of advice and counsel for captive insurers and related types of risk-retention and risk-transfer structures.  In addition, we advise clients on a range of business law matters.  Our goal is to share our expertise by providing a modern, client-centered approach, customized for each client’s unique needs.

Our client base encompasses:  single parent captives owned by hospital systems, community hospitals, health care service organizations, and multinational corporations; group captives; specialized insurers serving governmental entities; rent-a-captive and broker captive arrangements; commercial insurers; and other providers and users of alternative risk transfer arrangements.

Captive Legal Advisors PLC offers a range of services, primarily focused on specialized insurance companies and their owners, insureds and participants.  While we are providing a list of specific services below, our objective is not on offering services from a menu, instead, our focus is on meeting our clients’ legal requirements by determining the appropriate legal approach to meet the underlying business or organizational needs of each client, in each situation.